NOVEMBER 1, 2020

Podtales Virtual Audio Fiction Festival

Richard Seneque is a panel judge on the upcoming Podtales virtual audio fiction festival, which will be live-streamed on YouTube on November 1.

In times of crisis, it is a common refrain to say that “the world needs stories now more than ever,” and yet it can also feel selfish to devote time to creative pursuits in the face of mass tragedy. While some creators feel driven in such times, others struggle to create at all. This panel will discuss the role that creating art can play in coping with difficult times and how art can contribute to the well-being of others, but also why it’s okay to be unproductive when there is so much else going on.

JUNE 27, 2020

BNY Podcast

Richard Seneque had the pleasure of being interviewed by BNY Podcaster, Ricky Williams. They cover a range of topics from the inspiration behind Visionaries, tragic recent events, and black art.

JUNE 2, 2020

Party Kings Radio

Richard Seneque was honored to be a special guest on Party Kings Radio to discuss the origins of Visionaries Audio Drama and how it was created to combat all types of discrimination. Racism was and still continues to be his motivation!

MAY 31, 2020

May’s Kitchen


Richard Seneque had the pleasure of joining this panel and discussing race issues faced by black people and ideas on how we can make a change.